Celebrating Learner Achievements

Job Outcomes

Learners who have gained employment at the schools they have been volunteering in.

Gemma Frape

Gemma started volunteering at her local school and then took the plunge and started the Level 2 course with us. She persevered with the coursework and she not only completed in 6 months, but also gained a role as a TA at the school! Well done Gemma, great news.

Monica Simpson

Monica Simpson has been volunteering in St Margaret’s School in Rottingdean for the past year and has almost completed her L2 certificate in supporting teaching and Learning. She went for an interview for a teaching assistant post in year 4 and got the job. She is going to continue with her qualification and is set to go ahead with her L3 in the spring.

Blanche St Louis

Blanche St Louis has also been volunteering in St Margaret’s School and recently started volunteering in Saltdean School for additional experience. She has just started her L3 certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning.

Both Blanche and Monica are doing a job share. Huge congratulations to them both!

Maria Bourne

Maria had been volunteering at Westfield Primary, whilst completing her L2 certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning. She applied for and was sucessful at gaining a role as a SEN TA  at the school. Maria completed her level 2 and started her new role last week and is thoroughly enjoying it, we wish her every success for the future. Congratulations Maria!

Dyah Lancaster

Dyah started volunteering at Manor Primary whilst doing her Level 2 certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning. She secured her first position as an MDSA and then as a supply TA. She has now been employed as an INA and TA and is currently undertaking the Level 3 certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning. Well done Dyah!

Personal Achievements

Jane Leung

As well as completing her Level 3 certificate whilst working and volunteering at Jarvis Brook School, Jane then started the Level 3 Diploma after securing a new TA position at St. Johns School. One of Jane's personal goals was to pass her driving test and I am pleased to say she finally achieved that a couple of weeks ago! Congratulations Jane!

Jane has just completed her Level 3 Diploma and gained additional hours at the school, working with a group of pupils with SEN, well done and congratulations on a great achievement Jane.

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