Have you heard about Advanced Learner Loans? 

  Have you heard about the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan?Have you heard about On the 1st August 2013 the Government introduced Loans as a method of paying for fees for vocational qualifications through the same organisation that provides the loans for the University/Higher Education courses.
If you are aged 24 or over (19 or over from 1st August 2016) and want to study a level 3, 4, 5 or 6 Qualification, you will need to pay your college or training organisation for the cost of your course. A new loan scheme has been introduced by the government to help learners. The Advanced Learner Loan is easy to apply for, doesn’t take your household income into account and doesn’t involve a credit check.

Here are some of the key facts about the loan:

There is information on the National Careers Service website to help your consider all your options when thinking about a course funded through an Advanced Learner Loan.

Funding for Lone Parents

We are dedicated to ensuring that everybody can benefit from a vocational qualification, no matter what your situation. If you are a Lone Parent and wish to get back into work, we can help you. There are funding packages of support, to help you move towards a more secure future for you and your children.
We have had huge success working with various job centres and many of our learners go on to secure paid employment.
Take a look at the information below, this is suited to those of you that are currently volunteering/working in a school or feel that this could be the career path for you.

Apprenticeship Funding

There is funding available to Apprenticeships.
Apprenticeship Frameworks are available for many of the qualifications that Campus Training delivers, including:
The Apprenticeship Frameworks aim to develop talent by addressing the three most important areas needed to succeed:
 Have a look at our Apprenticeship page for more information or contact us.

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