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Management Level 3

Sarah, East Sussex.

"The programme exceeded all expectations, John Hammond has tuaght me to be more objective in my decision making and has guided/coached me towards my own progression for future development and personal goals. John has always been flexible to accomodate my varied working hours. He has been an amazing mentor! i really could not have asked for any better."


Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools  Level 2 Certificate

Gina, Brighton and Hove.


"I have just completed the STL2 - Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. I was supported throughout with a clear unit by unit timescale set by my assessor. I never got stressed, she was always there to help with any problems, by email, meetings on skype and helpful comments in my e-portfolio. Campus Training is a good team to have on your side when you are starting vocational training, they have the skills and experience to help and advise you and are very clear of the standards of understanding that you need to achieved to gain your accreditation.  I am continuing on to STL3 and seeking a job...All thanks to CAMPUS TRAINING"

Gemma, Brighton and Hove.

“I was unemployed, mother of 3 on income support with no confidence. I spoke to my advisor in Brighton who suggested this Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 2 course with Campus Training. I found a placement at my local primary school for 15 hours per week and put my youngest in the nursery there. I was very shy, reserved with no self-confidence to start with, but as time went on with support from my assessor and the school my confidence grew. The TA in the class I was in left, so I was given more responsibility which really helped me to progress even further. I had no previous experience and I learned so much on this course, with amazing support from my assessor, Karen. I found the eportfolio a challenge to start with as I had poor ICT skills but with the support from my assessor I soon got the hang of it. Feedback on my work was always constructive and encouraging making it a great way to learn and it fitted in well with my family life. I have secured a job at the school as an INA and an MDSA in September and in the future I would like to go on to do a level 3. I would recommend Campus Training and in fact already have! Thank you so much.”

Donna, East Sussex.

 Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 2 CertificateSupporting Teaching and Learning Level 2 CertificateSupporting Teaching and Learning Level 2 Certificate Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 2 Certificate  

"Whilst studying the OCR Level 2 Supporting Teaching and Learning course with Campus Training, I was absolutely delighted to acquire my first position as a Teaching Assistant in a KS2 class at my local primary school in September.  I had already been volunteering as a parent helper at the school for several months prior to commencing the course, however, I firmly believe that undertaking the course alongside the volunteering gave me a greater understanding of what was truly required to become a successful TA within a school.  I have now been working at my local primary school for a year and I am about to start my second year having moved to a KS1 year group.  Deciding to undertake this course was one of the best decisions I have ever made and my tutor, Louise Edwards, support and help was invaluable."

Monica, Brighton and Hove.

"So I decided to give the Teaching Assistant job a go! I searched online to find the best courses, I asked friends and people I knew that have done it and in the end I came to the conclusion that "Campus Training" was the one for me! Very good recommendations from everyone, so that was it, I picked up the phone and my journey started! I can't stress enough how blessed I was to be given my assessor, Louise Edwards! When I started the course I felt lost, didn't know if I was going to pull through, everything was a bit baffling to me! But Louise had patience and ways of guiding me through, now here I am, nearly at the end of my Level 2 course, ready and confident to start my Level 3! In the meantime, I have been offered a job at the school I am volunteering in for my training, so everything is coming together nicely! So, if you are like I was, questioning your abilities, unsure if this is the right course for you, I strongly advise you :give "Campus Training" a go..............They are brilliant!!! And, if you are blessed with my assessor Louise, it will be a walk in the park!"

Sam, East Sussex.

"I've been very lucky to have been given the chance to do my STL L2 course and gain loads of experience with autistic children. My tutor has been fab and so supportive, she always explained everything through on each unit so I had a better understanding, thank you Louise. I have really enjoyed the course, I have learned loads and gained lots of experience in the classroom."

Maria, East Sussex.

"I have recently completed my Level 2 qualification in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to go into a support staff role. The level of support from my tutor was second to none, the pace of work perfect, and the ease of Skype tutorials that worked around my childcare commitments made the whole experience much easier. Thank you Campus Training and Karen for enabling me to gain my qualification, which resulted in a job that is perfect for me!"

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3 Certificate

Jane, East Sussex.

 "Completing the Level 2 and then moving onto and completing the Level 3 Certifcate in Supporting Teaching and Learning has been an invaluable and enjoyable learning experience for me. It has opened up various work opportunities in the education sector and has boosted my confidence with working with children/young people. A thousand thanks to my tutor Karen Viney who has supported and helped me through my courses with encouragement and patience."

Specialist Support in Teaching and Learning Level 3 Diploma 

Marian, East Sussex. 


"I started the Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning a few months after I became a TA in a KS2 class. Initially I found the course work quite challenging as the amount of writing and research to do was more than I had expected. However, with the help and encouragement of my assessor, Karen, and the generous amount of time allocated for the work to be completed, I soon got into the swing of things, and found that I thoroughly enjoyed the work and the additional knowledge I acquired as a result. It was a huge help in my role as a TA, as it increased my confidence and enabled me to provide more effective support in the classroom. Classroom observations carried out by my assessor covered plenty of the competence within the units enabling me to complete ahead of time! Using the e-portfolio was a breeze and the prompt feedback received from my assessor each time I submitted work or queries ensured that I always felt supported. I used the Advanced Learner Loan to fund the course, which was simple and straight forward to apply for. I would highly recommend Campus Training to anyone looking to undertake a qualification that they can complete in the comfort of their own home"


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